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While Go Wander Travel Co. designs a variety of trip types to destinations all over the world, here's a taste of what we do best.

With its blend of historical cities, charming fairytale towns, and dramatic landscapes, Europe is about as dreamy as they come.

That said, Europe can also often include lots of logistics and moving pieces, which can feel overwhelming for travelers - let us handle the details so all you have to do is pack!

We Like to Think of Europe as our "Bread and Butter"

European Adventures

Now is the time to dream big. Let’s get curious about the world. 

We specialize in curating meaningful and immersive travel experiences for the curious traveler. Have you always wanted to see the Northern Lights? Or maybe an African Safari? Does making your way through the French countryside one winery at a time call to you, or is waterfall rappelling in Costa Rica more your speed?

 Is it the dazzling lights of Broadway or camping in the desert under the starry night sky that makes your heart go pitter-patter? Perhaps you desire to bed-and-breakfast hop your way through the Irish countryside, or take in the spectacular field of light experience at Uluru, or simply hang with the wildlife on Kangaroo Island. 

Your Next Adventure Begins here.

But in the midst of wedding planning you find yourself wondering how you will ever have the time to plan and execute it.

Whether you're seeking total R&R on the beach or an active adventure, we love working with honeymooners and can help take the stressful planning off of your plate.

You're Dreaming of a Perfect Honeymoon

Honeymoon Escapes

Take an intimate and scenic journey through bustling capitals or quaint charming villages, all while only having to unpack once.

River cruise journeys are one of the best ways to experience multiple destinations at a more relaxing pace. With oodles of itineraries to choose from, let us help match you to the perfect one for you!

Discover the Serenity of River Cruises

River Cruise Journeys

These types of adventures are perfect for the foodies and curious travelers at heart.

Sip wines in picturesque vineyards, savor local delicacies, immerse yourself in vibrant traditions — we can help you discover the world in a meaningful way.

Crave Travel Filled with Culturally Immersive Experiences? 

Culinary & Cultural Explorations

We can help with mini getaways in between those bigger trips.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing staycation or an adventurous weekend away, let us help you find the perfect weekend escape.

Short on Time But Still Have a Desperate Need to Getaway? 

Weekend Getaways

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