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Crafting meaningful adventures beyond the ordinary

Think back to the moment you first fell in love with the world. Do you remember the sense of curiosity, the feeling that sparked your wanderlust? At Go Wander Travel Co., we specialize in crafting curated adventures for the curious traveler and are on a mission to rediscover that magic with you.

We deeply believe in embracing meaningful travel – sustainability, community, and a deep connection to local cultures. Traveling meaningfully is about collecting moments that help us discover more about ourselves, as well as the world around us. Consider this your invitation to redefine the way you travel.

Let’s get curious about the world again.

Hi there, so nice to meet you! Go Wander Travel Co. was established in 2018 with a special focus on European travel planning. For me, travel is all about learning, connecting, and having experiences that stretch us beyond our comfort zone.

Of all my travels, my most profound experience was during my time living in Spain. I fell in love with the people, the culture, the way of life -- and thus my love affair with travel began. 

While Europe will always hold a special place in my heart, lately I've felt pulled to explore more far-flung, bucket-list destinations. Southern Africa, Colombia, and New Zealand are a few places I'm currently dreaming about exploring next.

Looking forward to a world of adventures with you!

Lina Sutton

Meet the Team

Founder + owner | luxury travel advisor

Specialties: Europe, Bucket List Destinations, Culinary and Cultural Experiences, Sustainable Travel

A few of my favorite things: boutique lifestyle hotels, culinary experiences, pretty luggage, a great cup of coffee, documentaries, and getting lost in books.

Location: Based in Stevens Point, WI


Hey there, so excited to meet you! My journey into the world of travel started a bit later in life, but the moment I introduced my little girls to the joys of exploration there was no turning back! Every trip became an opportunity to create cherished memories, expand our horizons, and foster a love for adventure in my little ones.

Among the many destinations I've had the pleasure of experiencing, Italy continues to call me back. From the sights and delicious food to the warm and welcoming locals, it is truly a must see. When travelling, I love to be able to get immersed in the history and culture of the destination. If I’m not back in Italy, the next destinations I’m looking forward to exploring are Switzerland, Japan, and Iceland.

Looking forward to connecting and creating unforgettable travel experiences!

Michelle Tonkinson

luxury travel advisor

Specialties: Family Travel, Europe, Culture, History & Arts Experiences, Adventure

A few of my favorite things: Espresso - freshly brewed or mixed in a martini, gardening, traveling with family, finding and exploring hidden gems.

Location: Based in Stevens Point, WI



Curated Adventures for the Curious Traveler

Go Wander Travel Co. is a modern-day, boutique travel agency that empowers culturally curious travelers to explore the world, one adventure at a time.

Travel isn't just about ticking the boxes. Each travel experience is uniquely customized to you with a personalized approach to travel design and itinerary planning.

If you find yourself craving authentic and immersive travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary, you've come to the right place.

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A few of OUR Favorite Adventures


The very place where my love affair with travel began! Spain is a vibrant country filled with incredible history, delicious cuisine, gorgeous landscapes, and a beautiful culture. Trust me, Spain’s rich heritage is worth discovering.


- Lina, Founder + Luxury Travel Advisor


What is there not to love about Italy!? You can truly immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture. Walking past the ancient ruins in Rome or intentionally getting lost along the canals in Venice, Italy is where history, art, and culinary delights intertwine to create an unforgettable experience.


- Michelle, Luxury Travel Advisor

Costa Rica

Truly an adventurer’s playground: untouched rainforests, exhilarating ziplines, and wildlife encounters galore. My favorite memories from Costa Rica include white-water rafting and spotting a baby sloth.


- Lina, Founder + Luxury Travel Advisor


With its rich Roman history, Bath offers a charming blend of culture and relaxation. I loved exploring the Roman Baths and strolling along the picturesque Pulteney Bridge for a quintessential English experience.


- Michelle, Luxury Travel Advisor

River Cruising

Picture drifting along historic waterways and waking up to new adventures every day, all while only unpacking once. My Christmas Market river cruise was such a magical experience, one that I’d recommend to anyone looking for a festive trip!


- Lina, Founder + Luxury Travel Advisor


The stunning turquoise waters and white sand beaches are perfect for relaxation and adventure! One of my favorite vacations with my family was being able to relax on the beautiful beach and see the excitement of my daughter as she snorkeled in the crystal-clear water.


- Michelle, Luxury Travel Advisor

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